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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions of sale appears on all invoices are the terms and conditions ofAM Aviation Solutions. AM Aviation Solutions will not accept any other terms and conditions of sale, unless Buyer and AM Aviation Solutions have made a written agreement which explicitlyamends, replaces and/or supersedes these terms and conditions. Acceptance of all purchase orders is specifically made conditional upon Buyer's assent, expressed or implied, to the terms and conditions set forth herein without modification or addition.


Buyer's purchase order is accepted subject to the following terms and conditions and no other terms and conditions will be accepted unless the same have been consented to in writing by AM Aviation Solutions. The placing of this order by Buyer and subsequent acceptance by AM Aviation Solutions shall be conclusive evidence of the Buyer's approval of, and consent to the terms and conditions herein contained.

  • AM Aviation Solutions acceptance is particularly limited to these terms and conditions in their wholeness without addition, modification or exception, and any term, condition or proposals hereafter submitted by Buyer which is inconsistent with or in addition to these terms and conditions is objected to and is hereby rejected by AM Aviation Solutions. AM Aviation Solutions silence or failure to respond to any such subsequent or different term, condition or proposal shall not be deemed to be AM Aviation Solutions acceptance or approval thereof.
  • Buyer's making of an offer to purchase Product from AM Aviation Solutions
  • Buyer's written acknowledgment hereof;
  • Buyer's acceptance of any shipment of any part of the items specified for delivery.
  • The minimum accepted amount for a sales order is $100.00
  • Any other act or expression of acceptance by Buyer.


Shipping rates are subject to change any time. They may not include all costs or charges associated with insurance or hazardous shipping fees etc.We reserve the right to require a signature at time of delivery. Brokerage fees, duties, taxes, and any other accessorial charges are the responsibility of the recipient. If AM Aviation is billed these charges on your behalf, you agree to pay AM Aviation Solutions at a later date. To economize on the shipping costs, international orders are generally shipped complete unless otherwise advised by the customer.

Requests for quotation are processed within 24 hours, unless additional research is required on a product. All prices quoted and invoiced by AM aviation Solutions are FOB. A quotation is processed as a proforma invoice for all overseas customers. A proforma invoice is not considered as order until funds are received to process the order. Actual freight charges may differ from a freight quote or estimate provided by a freight carrier.

We utilize DHL, UPS, and Fed-Ex for most international shipments. Shipments by DHL, UPS and Fed-Ex are highly recommended because of the excellent traceability of the shipments. If the services of a freight forwarder be necessary we can work with one who is familiar with our service or with one of your choice to meet all of your shipment requirements. All freight, duty and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer.


We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and by bank transfer. There is an additional $20 service charge for bank transfers. When making a bank transfer please e-mail or fax a copy of your transfer along with your order request to ensure accurate allocation of funds. Orders for first time customers must ship to the same address as the credit card billing address. If the customer requests to ship to another address, we will first verify the billing address. If this address is correct, we will request that the customer call his bank and advise them that he has placed an order with AM Aviation Solutions and that he would like it shipped to another address. The bank will then provide us with a release number and the order will be ok to ship. We may, at our discretion, attempt to contact the cardholder by phone to confirm the order. Your credit card is charged for the amount of the order at the time of the order.


We ship every order as fast as possible.Sometimes the delay might occur due to high order volume, please be assured that we are working hard to get your order shipped promptly.

Note: Special Instructions may delay shipment of your order.


For our customers' convenience we enclose a copy of the invoice covering the order with each order shipped except those shipped to a third party.

If the order is paid by check and the check did not cover the full amount of the invoice, the amount of underpayment will be sent C.O.D. for the balance due plus C.O.D. fee rather than delay the order.

If you have overpaid by check, the overpayment will be credited to your account or refunded.


Upon receipt, the package should be opened promptly and material checked against the packing slip enclosed.


AM Aviation Solutions strives to offer unbeatable and the lowest overall prices in the industry.. If there is any kind of price difference you will be notified immediately. All prices are subject to change without notice. We do everything possible to beat the price if you have found a better price for an item with similar condition at another authorized dealer.

Estimated pricing is defined to mean an approximate calculation only. The final price may exceed the estimate price.

All prices do not include cartage, insurance, taxes, imposts, or other similar charges, unless otherwise stated. All payments shall be made in accordance with the terms set forth on the face of the quote or invoice to which these terms are attached. In the event invoices are not paid by the Buyer as set forth herein, AM Aviation Solutions reserves the right to impose, and Buyer agrees to pay, a late fee equal to the lesser of point zero five percent (.05%) per day, or the maximum rate allowable by law, which late fee shall be added to the amount due and owing to AM Aviation Solutions. If AM Aviation Solutions determines in its sole judgment that Buyer's credit worthiness is adversely changing, then AM Aviation Solutions, upon three days prior written notice to Buyer, shall have the right to request a change in payment terms. If Buyer and AM Aviation Solutions cannot reach agreement on new payment terms within ten days thereafter, then AM Aviation Solutions shall have the option of ceasing all work in process and terminating any sale immediately. Buyer agrees to pay all reasonable attorneys' fees, costs and related expenses incurred by AM Aviation Solutions in the enforcement of this Agreement, including, without limitation, the collection of any and all amounts to be paid by Buyer hereunder. Title to and ownership of each and every article delivered hereunder shall remain with AM Aviation Solutions until payment in full has been made.


AM Aviation Solutions will not be responsible for loss or damage of goods or part in transit or for any discrepancy between the goods delivered and the goods ordered unless the customer gives written or email notice of a claim to AM Aviation Solutions and the carrier within three (3) business days of delivery. In the event of damage of goods or part thereof in transit or for any discrepancy between the goods delivered and the goods ordered, the customer must hold the goods and make them available for inspection or collection by AM Aviation Solutions or its representatives on request.


You are required to call AM Aviation Solutions Customer Service before returning any product. Merchandise may be returned for credit or refund within 30 days from date of purchase if received in resalable condition-packed in original manufacturer's box, complete with instructions and all components (if applicable). A copy of the original order showing purchase or information stating the invoice number and date of purchase, with reason for return must accompany the article.

A 15% restocking charge may be applicable to all merchandise returned to cover costs involved in processing the return.

Some goods and parts may are final sale and may be not be returned.

Worn exchange cores must be returned, freight prepaid, to AM Aviation Solutions' facility indicated on the "Core Receiving Document" within ten days from the date of shipment for domestic exchanges in the U.S. and fifteen days for international exchanges. Delay in accomplishing a timely return will subject Buyer to a penalty charge at the then current rate as established by buyer agrees to pay for all replacement parts in the overhaul of the exchange core not required as part of a normal overhaul. Buyer shall be invoiced for any such replacement parts. All sales are final. No return of unused parts will be permitted unless previously authorized by AM Aviation Solutions. All authorized returns will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of $200.00 or 20% of the sale price, whichever is greater, plus any recertification charges. No unauthorized returns accepted after 30 days except for warranty repair considerations. Buyer will be notified whenever the returned core is "Beyond Economical Repair" (referred to herein as "BER"). If the returned core is BER, Buyer will be given 10 days to supply an alternate core that is not BER. If Buyer fails to supply a non-BER core, Buyer shall pay the core charge identified on AM Aviation Solutions' invoice.


Open and examine all packages promptly. Notify the AM Aviation Solutions Customer Service Department of any discrepancies in the order. If the merchandise is received in damaged condition or the carrier fails to deliver the entire shipment as shown on the Bill of Lading covering motor freight delivery, make note of the damage or shortage on the Bill of Lading and ask the driver to sign it. Then call the terminal office of the carrier and institute a claim for the loss or damage. If a package delivered by UPS arrives damaged, report this to the driver immediately. UPS will issue a report on the damage to AM Aviation Solutions at which time a replacement shipment can be made.


Established companies can apply for an open account by submitting a credit application including all company data and at least three business references and bank information. Credit application forms available on request. Open account terms are net 15 days after invoice date.


Products are delivered to the address specified by the customer on the purchase order. All products leave our premises in good condition. The customer must notify the carrier of even the slightest trace of damage to the parcel, and refuse the package if necessary. A new, identical product will then be sent to the customer at no additional charge. No exchanges can be made at a later time for goods claiming to be damaged during carriage without notification at the time of reception. As with any shipment, a delay or loss of goods is possible. In such a case, the carrier shall start an investigation. Every effort is made, for as long as necessary, to find the package. If the package is not found, the carrier will reimburse AM Aviation Solutions, who will deliver a new, identical package to the customer free of charge. We shall not be held responsible for delayed delivery times due to force majeure, including for the loss of goods, bad weather or strikes.


Neither party will be deemed to be in breach of any of its obligations under the agreement as a result of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any such obligations by reason of any cause or event beyond the parties' control. A force majeure event includes, but is not limited to, any unforeseeable, inevitable, or unstoppable act, event, non-happening, omission or accident beyond the control of either party, despite all reasonable efforts made to the contrary. A force majeure event includes in particular (without limitation) the following: Earthquake, fire, storm, flood, lightning, strike, lock-out, explosion, and impossibility of the use of public or private telecommunications networks. In such circumstances, the party delayed or unable to perform. ("Delayed Party") shall notify the other party ("Affected Party") within ten (10) business days following the date such events become known. Unless prevented due to force majeure, both parties will meet within three months to examine the impact of the event and agree to the conditions under which the contract shall be continued. If the force majeure lasts longer than one (1) month, this agreement may be terminated by the injured party.


The customer must inform AMAviation Solutions immediately concerning any claim of delivery error or non-conformity of goods, in kind or in quality, compared with the information on the purchase order. Any claim made after this time period will be rejected. All claims must be made in writing and sent to AM Aviation Solutions address. Any claim that does not respect the rules defined above cannot be taken into account and releases AM Aviation Solutions of any responsibility to the customer. In the case of delivery error or exchange, all goods to be exchanged or refunded must be returned to AM Aviation Solutions in whole, in its original packaging and in perfect condition to AM Aviation Solutions address. For claims to be accepted, the customer must first make a declaration to AM Aviation Solutions concerning any returns and receive and AM Aviation Solutions' consent. If accepted, the customer will ship the package to AM Aviation Solutions address. Shipping fees shall be at AM Aviation Solutions' expense, except in the case where the goods do not correspond to the original declaration made by the customer concerning the return.


In cooperation with the manufacturers we represent, AM Aviation Solutions may give warranty to some products which will; normally stated in written notice. Under no circumstances shall AM Aviation Solutions be liable for any loss, damage, injury, cost of repair or consequential damages of any kind in connection with the sale, use or repair of any product purchased from AM Aviation Solutions Products sold are subject to manufacturer's warranty policy. Defective merchandise or out of box failure of product is repaired or replaced at manufacturer's option. Avionics, electrical, instrument or similar products that are defective are subject to manufacturer's warranty only and will not be replaced immediately from AM Aviation Solutions inventory.


AM Aviation Solutions has no opportunity to supervise the manufacture, installation or maintenance of the parts supplied by it, nor any opportunity to participate in the design or manufacture of the various certificated and homebuilt aircraft in which its parts are utilized, the purchaser by placing an order and accepting said merchandise from AM Aviation Solutions agrees that all materials purchased will be used solely at purchaser's risk and that purchaser will indemnify and hold AM Aviation Solutions, its owners and employees, free and harmless from all loss, liability or damage resulting from claims brought by any reason of any alleged failure or defect of any part or parts supplied by AM Aviation Solutions


AM Aviation Solutions has taken a number of steps to safeguard the integrity of its data and prevent unauthorized access to information that is maintained in our computer systems. These measures are designed and intended to prevent corruption of data, block unknown or unauthorized access to our systems and information, ensure the integrity of information that is transmitted between our customers and AM Aviation Solutions and Specialty, and to provide reasonable protection of private information that is in our possession.


The purchaser ought not to export or re-export any products, technology or software to Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or any other country on the United States Debarred List, unless otherwise authorized by the United States GovernmentThe purchasers are not allowed transferring, selling. Export or re-export or any products for use in activities which involve the development, production, use of stockpiling of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missiles, nor use products in any facilities which are engaged in activities relation to suck weapons.


The use of any trademarks, logos or brands present on the site is strictly forbidden.